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Please read the letter from Monsignor that follows the progress report for a full explanation of the "big picture."

Thanks to our wonderful Blessed Sacrament Guild and the help of volunteers from the men's CRHP group , the dust from construction gets cleaned up each week before weekend Masses. Our Liturgy Committee, Lectors, Music Ministry, Altar Servers, and others have ensured that Masses remain reverent and prayerful. Thank you!

Our beautiful, custom-made Mosaic Angels represent stone from six countries around the world. Read the details of these unique works of art here: St. Jude Mosaic Sanctuary Angels

The  sanctuary area is ready for First Holy Communion on May 5th! 

Phase II is nearly complete! The entire sanctuary area has been renovated. All that remains is the flooring throughout the church, which will be completed as funds allow, hopefully by December 31, 2018. We also await our new Tabernacle, scheduled to arrive in October.

Please see the Memorial Gifts booklet to sponsor a memorial, or use the "yellow envelopes" to donate towards our renovations. Thank you!

Memorial Gift Giving Booklet

Progress on the new Sanctuary as of April 25, 2018:

  • Finished installation of the porcelain floor on the sanctuary platform
  • Installed two wooden sanctuary handrails
  • Installed Altar, Ambo, and Tabernacle Stand on the new floor and put the existing Tabernacle on top
  • Finalized fieldstone and grouting where the reredos and sanctuary steps meet
  • Completed installation of LVT and CVT floor tile surrounding the sanctuary area
  • Installed the custom-designed Flame Medallion 
  • Replaced the front pews with new flooring under them

Progress on the new Sanctuary as of March 28, 2018:

  • Completed installation of the Porcelain and Beechwood arches
  • Installed the newly refurbished Crucifix in the Porcelain arch
  • Installed the marble inlaid Adoring Angels in the Beechwood arches
  • Completed the construction and painting of the storage room and corridor behind the reredos
  • Removed the temporary wall
  • Removed the crane and cleaned the construction area

Progress on the new Sanctuary as of Feb 28, 2018:

  • Finished fieldstone installation above reredos and applied grout
  • Completed storage room drywall
  • Painted new storage room area, doors, and corridor

Progress on the new Sanctuary from January 8 to Feb 1, 2018:

  • Removed the altar, ambo, tabernacle, then removed and carefully stored the crucifix. Removed the first four rows of pews.
  • Built a temporary wall around the work space, painted it to match the walls, and placed a temporary altar in front.
  • Work behind the wall began: demolished the old sanctuary floor, old sanctuary wall, and burlap panels on the sides of the wall.
  • Built a new sanctuary wall which will carry the fieldstone and reredos (the official name for the decorative wall behind the altar).
  • Built a new storage room and wider passage behind the new sanctuary wall.

Monsignor Beach's Letter to the Parish

“My friends in Christ:

“Over the past few months, our parish community has joyfully communicated their excitement, pride, and appreciation for the significant changes that have taken place in the first phase of renovations. I’m excited to share with you our future renovation plans, as we create a place of worship that is full of beauty and reverence, as befits our Good and Loving God. The Memorial Giving Booklet  gives more details about many of these projects.

Exterior and Infrastructure Projects

“With the help of a capital campaign from 2011-2015, we were able to begin much-needed renovations to the exterior of the church and parish grounds: we repaired the parking lot, restored the church exterior, built new handicap sidewalks, fixed the driveway, gutters, and downspouts, and sealed the church tower. In addition, we installed a new HVAC system and a new sound system, which dramatically improved comfort and acoustics.

Phase I – Church Lighting and Areas of Catholic Devotion

“With these important and fundamental repairs in place, we were able to turn our attention to beautifying the church and improving the worship experience.

“Phase I started with a complete replacement of the lighting system: installing Pendant Lights, 135 recessed high-hats, accent lights for the grottos and stations, and dimmer controls to create the right atmosphere for different liturgical celebrations. We also repainted the church in a warm crème to improve light and mood.

“We then created a beautiful Baptismal Cove and restored, relocated, and redesigned the Marian Grotto, St. Joseph Grotto, and Stations of the Cross. We also built a music loft for our choir and musicians.

Phase II – Beautification of the Sanctuary

“January 8, 2018 marks the beginning of Phase II of the renovation and beautification of the church interior. 

“During the next four months, the sanctuary will be transformed into a beautiful setting that will draw our attention to the center of our liturgical celebration, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  A further description of the renovations can be found in the Memorial Giving Booklet. Our goal is to complete this phase by May 2018. 

“In order to limit disruption of our liturgies and to control noise and dust, a temporary drywall will be erected around the sanctuary (altar). The first three pews in the front of the church will be removed and placed in storage.  We will then place a temporary altar in front of the temporary drywall, along with a portable pulpit.  A temporary tabernacle will be located in the Marian Grotto. 

“This phase will cost approximately $345,000. Because of generous donations through the ‘yellow envelops’ and several memorial gifts, we have been able to fund $145,000 of Phase II, which has given me the confidence to move forward.

“We need to raise approximately $200,000 during 2018 to complete the interior renovations.  I anticipate that we will raise this money through the continued use of yellow envelops and through memorial gift opportunities, which are listed in the Memorial Giving Booklet below. 

“After we have completed the Sanctuary, we plan to replace the carpets in the church with skid-resistant simulated marble tile and add vinyl cushions to the pews to improve comfort and acoustics.

Phase III  and  Future Renovations

"Renovation of the Narthex and the Meeting Rooms are planned for 2019. A future hope is for the expansion of the St. Jude Chapel and the development of a Holy Innocents Memorial Garden, designed for prayer and meditation.

“Though originally expected to take several more years, I decided to accelerate the renovations, knowing that your prayers and generosity would allow us to reach our goals of beautifying and renovating the church. I thank you all again for your enthusiasm and generous support.”

 Monsignor Francis W. Beach

Please see the attached Memorial Giving Booklet for opportunities to memorialize a loved-one or a significant event in the life of your family.

Memorial Gift Giving Booklet